Coca Cola Green and other drinks which had disappeared from Switzerland

Coca Cola Life and 17 other drinks that are (almost) away from Switzerland

Coca Cola launches new water drink to challenge Red Bull. When the drink is coming to Switzerland, they complain that the company is not drinking yet.

The Coca Cola is not easy enough, however, as Switzerland is one of the most competitive markets in the drinks sector. This would need to have known the previous Coca Cola on its own organization, but also on other producers. 18 examples are given.

Coca Cola Life

Did anyone notice that the green bottle Coke has just gone out of the shelves? In 2015 the soft drink was introduced, and most of it was deleted by stevia. In March 2018, the exam was over.

Sinalco Red

Sinalco, the Swiss soft drinks that has left behind Rivella (although it's from Germany) has tried new versions of the class. In 2005, Sinalco Red was introduced, but those who were found in the shelf did not find it today.

Tì Sinalco Ice

This is not a tea bottle on Sinalco's knee in Switzerland, but the bottles which are in the German version of 2016. All the products are successful. Image:

Even with tea was tightened for Sinalco. However, the trip did not pay to less familiar departments. Almost all of you remember Sinalco's tea today.

Fanta Pink Grapefruit

The old people among the people may remember Fanta Pink Grapefruit. It was already in place by 2002.

Lacto Tab

When he opened, a tablet fell out of the bonnet into the drink, which contained a drug called coenzyme C10. Photo: Emmi

In July 2006, Emmi introduced the "Lacto Tab". As an advertising ambassador Roger Federer could win, which should be dealt with by a sports target group. But the drink was not only based on expensive milk, but it was probably impossible for users to use it. At the end of 2007, the result ceased.

Yellow Rivella yellow

The ultimate drink should be Rivella Yellow, which is based on milk rather than milk. But he was ahead of his time or simply did not taste: after just four years, the black and yellow bottle went off again.

Rivella Cliq

Just half the life of Rivella Yellow gave it the two foods of Rivella Cliq. In 2014, Cliq Rhubarb and Peach appeared. But in 2016, both again went into the republic of brandy. Now, Rivella is trying again with new energy: Rivella elderflower.


In 2008, Emmi set up a powerful influence on milk based on the taste of Guarana and the taste of fruit. However, no-one was ever interested in the basic crop so a drink was made just a year later.

Aloe vera drink

In 2003, "Aloe Vera" was the "high price" of the time. Everyone wanted to use the health plant, so a lot of the results were falling into the market. Emmi was also ahead of her face, launching a drink of alcohol among other things. Today, you are drinking in vain in the freezer.


In 2010, the father of the Emmi-Café-Latte-Becher gave Shakeria their own milk drink in the chilled shelves. At first, sales were good, but already in 2013, the turn came. Three years later, the product was intercepted.

Carpe Diem Kombucha

In the last decade Carpe Diem influenced the Swiss market with her Kombucha drink. Aloticism and health promised the red soft drink. Although Kombucha is still available today in Switzerland, but the extinction of the large chain chains and livelihoods has largely disappeared.

Virgin Cola

Imaginary picture. The bottle looked different at that time. statue: silver money

Can anyone remember this cola competition? Henniez had been granted bottles for Switzerland in 1998. For ten years, Henniez was now allowed to marry Virgin Cola to attack Coca Cola. It was also about 2008, when the drink went back from Switzerland.

Dr. Pepper

Photo: Dr Pepper Snapple Group

In the USA, Dr Pepper is a very attractive attraction and is available even in a lively cultural diet. In Switzerland, Kirsch-Cola's soft drinks started in earnest. Although Dr Pepper will still be in special shops – including larger Migros shops – but this drink is not popular here.

Cherry Coca Cola

Imaginary picture. There was a sign between the Swiss bottle. Image: Wikipedia

Dr Pepper's concise treaty: Even Coll never succeeded with his sights and cola in Switzerland. Although you will find the 33-yard cannons in special shops, the Cherry Coca Cola is not officially launched today.

Cola Vanilla

The Coca Cola Vanilla is found in Switzerland. However, the product may only contain about 2.5 centimeters and only for a few years. But in fact Coca Cola had brought the first flag into Switzerland in 2003 – in 0.5 and 1.5 liter bottles. But he was unable to bring this flavor to fruition at the time and was eventually re-established. It was not until 2011 that Cola Vanilla was brought back to Switzerland after Facebook was approached by 30,000 supporters.


A new biscuits like in Germany. Image: Wikipedia

At the beginning of the nineties the Bionade from Germany was getting a status of drink. Switzerland was also keen to have a football pitch in 2005 and even to appoint Renzo Blumenthal as an advertising person. He did not help and so the 2010 suicide was in Switzerland.

Pepsi Gold

The Golden Pepsi became a special edition of the 2006 Football World Cup. Although it was initially claimed that it was only a restricted journal, but if sold well, it would still be certain that it is in t on the shelves.


Does anyone remember Bluna? This is perhaps the drink among the popular slogan: t

At some point Bluna left secretly from Switzerland. In Germany there is still the cult drink.

Look – coke notices from the 1970s

Switzerland in sugar rushes

More about life here:

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