Swedish King: Sweden has failed to protect the elderly

Sweden’s King Karl Sixteenth Gustaf said on Thursday that he believed his country had failed to protect the elderly in care homes from the effects of the epidemic.

“I think we have failed. We have a large number who have died and it is terrible. This is something from which we all suffer,” the emperor said.

His comments followed the findings presented on Tuesday by an independent commission that looked into dealing with Sweden’s epidemic. It said there were major structural deficiencies in the care of the elderly in Sweden and the authorities proved unprepared and ill equipped to complete the epidemic.

FILE: Sweden’s King Karl Sixteenth Gustaf talks to invite him during a round table talks to monitor air pollution and adopt the approach of circular economy in New Delhi, India.

Sweden has stood between the European and other countries in the way it has handled the epidemic, not mandating lockdown like other countries but relying on a sense of civic duty. The Scandinavian country has seen more than 7,800 virus-related deaths.

In September, Sweden lifted a national ban on elderly people entering care homes, saying the need was reduced. The ban was recorded in people over 70 years of age and in many nursing homes after the deaths of Swedes earlier this year.

I think we have failed. We have a large number who have died and it is terrible. This is something we all suffer from.

– King Carl sixteenth Gustaf of Sweden

“You think of all the family members who haven’t been able to say goodbye to their deceased family members,” King said in an excerpt from a pre-recorded Christmas interview to be broadcast on December 21 on Swedish broadcaster SVT. “I think it’s a heavy and painful experience not being able to say a warm goodbye.”

The excerpt was aired on SVT.

Karl Gustav said, “Swedish people have faced very difficult situations in difficult circumstances,” recently, it has felt more clear, it is closer and closer. This is what you want. “

With a member of the European Union, ‘government officials’

His son, Prince Carl Philip, who is fifth in the line of succession, and his wife Princess Sofia have both tested positive and found flu symptoms. He was at home with his two children.

Karl Gustaf is Sweden’s head of state, but his duties are formal, and he has no political power.

Sweden’s strategy expected the country to revive the disease this fall. Before the report’s findings were published, Prime Minister Stephen Lofven said health officials had mistaken the impact of the latest wave of the epidemic.

The stinging official report states, “The Commission criticizes various governments and various municipal precedents.” Mats Mellin, the head of the commission, said that the report said the blame for structural deficiencies in Sweden’s health care system could be laid on many officials and organizations.

Lofwen said at a news conference, “One must be confident that society works and it happens even when you grow up. Nothing deserves a welfare state like ours.”

Sweden has seen a rapid rise in new coronovirus infections that have put her health care system under stress. The virus has spread rapidly among medical staff, with the government bringing back more restrictions, including a nationwide ban on the sale of alcohol after 10 pm in bars and restaurants.

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Sweden, known for its taxpayer-funded social welfare system, which was created to protect citizens from the grave for generations, has enforced its strictest virus ban, banning public ceremonies of more than eight people .

“Unfortunately, the death toll is likely to increase in the coming weeks,” Anders Tegenel, Sweden’s leading epidemiologist, said in a separate press conference.

According to the latest figures, 357,466 cases were seen in a country of 10 million and 7,893 people died.

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