Västtrafik is testing new ways to book a travel service

Västtrafik's travelers in Skövde, Skara and Götene now have the opportunity to try to book a travel service via the internet and the app. The purpose of the test is to be able to offer more ways to book their travel service.

Previously, there has only been a telephone call for booking a travel service. However, in the pilot project that is now starting, Västtrafik will allow those traveling with Skövde, Götene and Skara to try to book a travel service via the internet and the app.

– There have been requests from our travelers for more ways to book their travel service. The website and the app provide more opportunities to book, because it is not always possible to make a call, says Botond Rajna, project manager for the test.

Checking the Travel
Via the internet or the app Is it possible to book their trip at any time of the day and easily keep track of their booked trips.

A traveler who is positive to the initiative is called Berit Jildenhed.

– If you are in meetings and do not have the opportunity to call the ordering center, it is easy to have a couple click can book their trip in the app, says Berit.

The pilot project is launched today, July 2, and will provide answers to how customers experience the new way to book their trip and ensure that the technology works. Västtrafik will conduct customer surveys during the test period and then evaluate the results.

Those who wish to order a telephone service can still do so by calling Västtrafik's ordering center.

For more information:
Västtrafik Press Office, 0771-41 43 99
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Every day, 410,000 people travel with Västtrafik. It is for those we exist. We want to make it easy and convenient to travel by public transport while contributing to sustainable social development. Västtrafik is owned by the Västra Götaland region and has about 900 lines run by companies procured in competition.

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