Then you get the best picture on your bloodstream

Tonight it's time for this century's longest lunar eclipse – also called the blood moon.

In Sweden, the show starts at 21.15 on Friday night in Malmö as the moon rises over the horizon and ends at 1.30 am when the shadow of the earth leaves the moon.

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For the newspaper Express, the photographer David Noton provides several tips on how to best capture the eclipse of the image.

1. Find out where and when the moon will be visible

David Noton uses two apps to help him keep track of where the moon is: The Photographer's Ephemeris and Photopills.

According to the photographer, you have about ten 15 minutes to catch the moon – before it's gone too high.

– As usual, it's about planning, he says.

2. Photograph the moon in an interesting environment

David Noton's most important tips for amateurs are to photograph the moon along with an interesting object.

– What I want to do is capture the moment when the moon is near the horizon, then I can use, for example, a tree or church to g e proportion and perspective to the event, he says.

3. Using the Right Lens

According to David Noton, use a long telephoto lens to get the best focus.

– I would have photographed a telephoto lens to get a compressed perspective so the moon looks as big as possible, he says.

For those who lack professional equipment, a digital camera works. The mobile phone, on the other hand, becomes more difficult.

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