The secret factors of the banks are for expressing your mortgage

Market rates, for income, expenses, family settings and the safestness of your payment on your loans.

It's about that Many of the banks tell us about what proves how the mortgage rate is located. In fact, however, each bank has advanced models, where each factor is combined and mixed together for how the mortgage rate is located on its own. But, as that model works more precisely, no one wants to tell.

– My opinion is that most of the banks are unfold when they come to loan prices, saying Anders Magnusson, analyst and head of the founding units at Söderberg & Partners.

Villa Owners' economist, Håkan Larsson, agrees.

– Much has to be developed. I get a lot of discussions about this. Above above, from senior lenders with high levels of interest, he says.

For example, one and the same user can achieve higher levels of interest because the person has moved, which is not easy to understand, which Håkan Larsson believes.

Most of the banks say that the level of interest is set at a & # 39; ultimately based on "overall evaluation", and each level is of particular interest.

Just how different the factors are stressed, what other things are installed and how they are blended together for your special love rate is often broken down in secret, which are the beliefs of & # 39; believe.

– They may be obvious when it comes to a credit assessment itself, but it is incredibly difficult to impact on how it is; including the level of interest and the level of interest related to banking costs, saying Anders Magnusson.

Different client users have different banks, based on the strategy and the situation, describing Anders Magnusson. Some require consumers to borrow rich, low, and others want a lot of mortgages where every user has enough loan.

Some are for sale many other products and services for all users. These market targets can affect the levels of interest the banks can put on mortgages. These unhealthy reasons all make it difficult for you as a buyer to configure it with a & # 39; bank, and understand which terms you can affect yourself to give the highest level of interest, he says.

– For the four large banks, net income (ie the difference between bank and loan deposits) is the largest financial resource; there. A large part of this income comes from mortgages. We fund users who do not have access to other types of funding, such as companies. This means that it is & # 39; talks about a selection of banks, "said Anders Magnusson.

There are rules for that how the banks should tell about credit rating in consumer credit law. Users should be able to understand how it went, and # 39; explains Magnus Karlsson, head of department for macros-analysis at Finansinspektionen.

He says that different banks emphasize things that are slightly different when they are; believe surveys and increase their interest. The Swedish Finance Management Authority will find what the banks are doing. but this is only a full publication. The authority does not have the right to rule out this, according to Magnus Karlsson.

But the banks believe that they are telling so much & # 39; what is needed.

– I think we're going to; do. Both we declare a credit, and how the level of interest is set alone. We also provide information on average consumer share levels per month, "said Frank Hojem, a SEB journalist.

– Despite this, we would get in touch with Finansinspektionen, they will carefully examined. It has never been criticized for this, says Michael Skytt, Nordea Mortgage Chief Executive.

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