The Minister of Education criticizes the SD top’s attempt to direct teaching at Polhemskolan

The chairman of the City Council in Hörby, Johan Ohlin (SD), commented via email on how a teacher at his child’s school in Lund conducted teaching. Among other things, he considered that what was taught was “left-wing propaganda”. Now Minister of Education Anna Ekström (S) criticizes Ohlin’s involvement in Sydsvenskan.

– Teachers who do their job and teach according to the curriculum should not have to be afraid that those in power will interfere in their lessons.

Anna Ekström (S) says that she is upset by how the SD top interfered in the teaching and that she takes it seriously.

The email to the school

In the email to the school, Johan Ohlin (SD) wrote that he plans to document how the teaching is conducted and that he “will return when needed”. He is also considering recording lessons.

– It is my right to do it, I do not mean that you should do it but a teaching must withstand scrutiny. Recordings of social phenomena can be done by anyone, he tells SVT Nyheter in a previous article.

In the clip, Johan Ohlin (SD) tells how he reasons and the school principal comments on the situation.

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Hear the SD politician and the school principal give their views on the event in the video. Photo: SVT

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