TBE cases have increased by 64 percent – in one year

The sun has begun to peek and the heat begins to come. It's not just us people who think it's lovely, it's also the animals. The tigers are lurking in nature and the tick disease TBE is becoming more common.

Last year, 391 cases were reported, an increase of 64 percent compared to the year before, according to Public Health Authority . Treatment for TBE is missing but if you vaccinate you early you can avoid being affected.

It may be worth vaccinating, especially if you live in a risk area or if you are going to holiday where there are many tigers.

Last year 60 cases of TBE in Västra Götaland were reported, 2016 only 25 cases were reported. But what causes TBE cases to increase?

– TBE is a notifiable disease, increased attention is the reason for diagnosing more, "said Peter Ulleryd, the Pediatrician, to Skaraborg County Journal.

But it's not just that more people report more cases without weather conditions also plays when talking about ticks.

– It's weather dependent both how many tents there are and how many get ticks.

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<figcaption data-recalc-dims= Last year 60 cases of TBE were reported in Västra Götaland, 2016 reported only 25 cases. Source: JAN COLLSIÖÖ / TBE

But what's actually TBE?

TBE is a virus disease spread by ticks. If you get infected with TBE, you get symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue and muscle aches. The symptoms usually come about two weeks after

Usually, the infected person usually spikes after a while to get sick again and get worse symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, photosensitivity, stiffness in the neck, and in turn can lead to meningitis.

Last year wrote News24 about where in Sweden it was the greatest chance to get a tick. Here you can read more about it. Do you know what can happen if you get bitten by a tick? You can read more about this.

Here you can l said about why you should absolutely vaccines against viral disease TBE.


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