Tasks: New Macbook gets Amber Lake processors from Intel

Recently, new models of Macbook Pro were released, but some upgrades to the usual Macbook have not yet seen the smoke.

According to Macrumors, Apple is likely to expect Intel's new Amber Lake processors released during the third quarter of the year. These will be available in a variety of variations that are suitable for just Macbook, namely Core m3-8100Y, Core i5-8200Y and Core i7-8500Y.

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Compared to the 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, the sequel to Amber Lake offers higher clock frequencies, the Core i7-8500Y top model when, for example, 4.2 gigahertz in the so-called Turbo Boost mode. Other benefits include longer battery life and integrated UHD 620 graphics that are snap better than the 615 graphics used in the current MacBook models.

For other news, Apple is likely to switch to the same keyboard used in the new Macbook Pro, it is both more resistant to dust and quieter than the old version.


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