Swedish producer Mathias Fjellström is in the Oscars Jury – Culture Night in P4

Mathias Fjellström was producer of the short film "Instead of Abrakadabra" 2008, where a young man struggles to succeed as a wizard. The film also received a magical reception when it won both the Startsladden at Göteborg Film Festival and became Oscars nominated in the Best Short Film category.

There was no gain at the time, but about a year ago he and director Patrik Backlund asked whether they wanted to sit with in the Oscars Jury.

– There have been very many white middle-aged men and I do not improve on that statistics. But it has been the majority of Americans. Now they are trying to develop academia with representatives from around the world, says Mathias Fjellström.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, which nominates and decides who will win consists of around 7000 people working with films worldwide. In 2015, critics gathered against the madness behind the hashtag #Oscarsowhite, where it was noted that nominees were nominated for non-white backgrounds.

A jury change was initiated, where a wider range of votes than white American men were allowed to take part in the academy.

When it comes to the quality of this year's films, first-year student Mathias Fjellström would rate many of the best film candidates as fives on a five-degree scale.

– In recent years, I've found that there have always been some movies that have expired . This year, I think it was quite equal in a way, but in the end it was a movie that got out of my mind, "said Mathias Fjellström.

But what was he then? clearly not reveal. The last week has been hectic for Mathias Fjellström when he received a movie recording while trying to see all the movies he needs before voting. One category he had to give up completely.

– It was an animated feature film. There I had two weeks to watch 40 hours of film. If you're going to work at the same time, it's not possible at all, in the end, he says, and continues:

– I've learned next year to take heights for it in his schedule. Now I have seen quite a few movies at the last minute as well.

As a member of the Academy one is not guaranteed a place on the gallows, but this year's lot fell so that Mathias Fjellström once again gets the chance to dust off his old smoking from 2008.

– I bought a tuxedo when we were there last time as nominated. It will hopefully work. I hope so, at least, he says with a laugh.

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