Swedes overbeat in southern Europe – General Medicine

One third of the 4,800 Swedes who urged emergency aid via SOS International in Turkey, Spain and Greece last summer were subjected to over-treatment or over treatment, according to the SOS International Emergency Center.

The treatments apply from blood tests to fractures. The insurance company Folksam and SOS put the blame for the unjustified care of the hotels and private clinics, which they often have agreements with each other.

– It is common for unnecessary visits for simple conditions to be booked, for example two visits for a treated neck flop, we would never do that in Sweden. Another example is a drip of gastric disease, says Hélène Mood, international scandal manager at Folksam, to Svenska Dagbladet.

Calling emergency centers instead of

Instead of consulting the hotel reception, Hélène Mood urges travelers to call alarm centers, such as SOS International.

– We want the sick to receive quality assured care. Often, public care is at least as good as private and a visit may cost 200 kronor instead of 1000 kronor, she says to Svenska Dagbladet.

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