Stockholm’s self-criticism after the unused vaccine times


Despite the fact that Stockholm County has the lowest proportion of vaccinated in Sweden, and despite the fact that many people long for a vaccine, there have been several unused times for vaccination during the Easter weekend. People over the age of 75 have been offered vaccines, but many times have been unused.

Magnus Thyberg, vaccine coordinator in Stockholm, says that it may be the opening hours that have meant that the vaccine centers have not been used at full capacity.

– We have not analyzed all parts in detail yet. It may be that we will see that we should have had different opening hours over the weekends. That there is a lesser need to get vaccinated in the mornings in this group. This is something we will have to take with us for the coming weekends, he says.

Need Bank ID to book

To be able to book the times, you have needed access to, among other things, Bank ID. He emphasizes that vaccine centers are not the only option for people to get vaccinated. The vaccine centers opened to be able to increase the pace, when the stock built up by Astra Zeneca’s vaccine could be used again.

– We have thought that this is a complement to our health centers’ vaccination. It does not suit everyone in this age group. At the same time, we know that there are many who are digital in this group, and that they have relatives or acquaintances who are happy to help. We saw that we had the capacity to help here, and then it was important to do so, he says.

The vaccine has not gone bad

The fact that there have been unused times has not meant that the vaccine has been spoiled.

– No, I have not received any reports. There is my image that it has been possible to handle it, says Magnus Thyberg.

Johan Bratt, director of health and medical care in the Stockholm Region, tells SVT that letters “soon” will come to people who have not had the opportunity to book digitally.

– We have wanted to vaccinate as many as possible over the weekend and then they have been dependent on booking digitally on Starting tomorrow, letters will arrive to those who do not have the digital opportunity. It can possibly be seen as a bit unfair, but we want to vaccinate as many as possible now that we had the chance.


Vaccine direct Täby:

Today – closed

6/4 – about 30 free times

7/4 – about 130 free times

8/4 – about 300 free times

9/4 – about 170 free times

10/4 – about 300 free times

11/4 – about 350 free times

Vaccine direct Älvsjö:

Today – about 200 free times

6/4 – about 110 free times

7/4 – about 50 free times

8/5 – about 600 free times

9/4 – about 400 free times

10/4 – about 500

11/4 – about 500


Today – about 30 free times

6/4 – about 200 free times

7/4 – Closed

8/4 – about 250 free times

9/4 – times are coming

10/4 – times are coming

11/4 – times are coming


Today – no free time

6/4 – 5 free times

7/4 – about 30 free times

8/4 – about 80 free times

9/4 – about 50 free times

10/4 – closed or times will come

11/4 – closed or times will come

Source: Stockholm Region

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