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Stefan Warg to Örebro after trade with Malmö – Örebro Tribune

Stefan Warg changes Malmö towards Örebro. Stock Photography: Martin Avedal

It was during Thursday evening that Expressen's hockey expert Johan Svensson was able to reveal that Malmö and Örebro talked about a trade exchange between the clubs.

Malmö wanted to replace his defensive back Stefan Warg against one of Örebro's offensive slopes. Probably Jonathan Andersson or Marcus Björk. When the deal finally became official on Friday it was Björk who had to leave Örebro.

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Stefan Warg has a past in Örebro

Stockholm-born Warg has got his hockey training in Örebro. The youth club was Örebro IS but the J18 / J20 seasons were spent in VIK Västerås. After two seasons in North American WHL he returned in 2010 to allsvenskan and Örebro HK.

After another season in Västerås and games in North America and the SHL club Skellefteå he wrote the season 14/15 for the then Allsvenska club Malmö. There he developed into the defensive hill he is today.

– First of all it feels incredibly fun to get home an Örebrokille. I know Stefan before and he will fit well into the group. We feel that we want to tackle our defensive and where Stefan will help us, ”says Örebro Hockeys Sports Manager Niklas Johansson.

– Stefan is a defensive strong back who plays with a big heart, but I also think he has taken big steps purely in Malmö. Our hope is that Stefan is ready to play Saturday's away game against Skellefteå, concludes Niklas Johansson.

Marcus Björk gets to pack the bag and move to Skåne

Marcus Björk, who last season was one of the best hockey teams in Sweden, has not lived up to expectations in Örebro at all. Towards the end he has been matched as the team seventh back.

Now he gets a new start in one of SHL's best clubs where he will end up under the back coach Martin Filander's board. And in the long run, Björk will probably develop into the offensive back that Örebro had expected when they signed him last year.

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