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Pending a new vaccine for the Swedish market, the Swedish Medicines Agency provides a temporary dispensation to sell the medicine in packages intended for other countries, including Austria, Poland and the Baltic.

– Dispensing means that the drug is given Sold in packs of labels and package leaflets that are not in Swedish. The dispute is valid until the end of September. The prognosis states that the products will return to the Swedish market between July and September, says Eva Arlander, Head of Pharmaceutical Medicine in use at the Medical Products Agency.

No risk to those who are vaccinated, she does not see because it is a healthcare professional who knows the drug that gives Spray.

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Infection Control Unit. Britt Åkerlind is a contraceptive physician and she is in charge of a county-wide resource for the care and care of the region and the municipality.

Several healthcare centers where the vaccine has expired asks patients to wait or refer to private vaccination clinics that have secured deliveries and stock of the vaccine

Finspång care center was ordered this year about as many doses as last year, but it was not enough and the drop-in receptions in Rejmyre and Finspång were placed in the week before midsummer.

– When we had to order more vaccine was it up to date? We would not get it back to the exposed dates, says Malin Creutz, Head of Operations at Närsjukvården in Finspång.

That many want to vaccinate this year, she believes that information about TBE has been more intense than in previous years.

Last year, the number of cases of TBE increased sharply, according to the Public Health Authority, 391 cases were reported throughout the country. Of these, 26 were found in Östergötland.

– For many years there was a concentration to the Omberg areas, but now we see it in several places in the county. Then, of course, it's a little hard to know exactly where and when you got the tick, "says Britt Åkerlind, infectious physician in Östergötland.

That for many years there have been so many people in terms of population density, Östergötland has been considered a

So far this year, two cases have been identified.

– Both in June, but we know from experience that the big puck will come in August and September, says Britt Åkerlind.

In Sörmland, which since long classified as a risk area, children and adolescents up to 19 years have the right to free vaccine. It is not relevant in Östergötland, every individual healthcare center decides if they want to offer their patients the opportunity to vaccinate against TBE.

Britt Åkerlind believes that the development of the TBE vaccine must be closely monitored. vaccination program.

– We in Ostergotland are not so badly affected, given that there are 26 cases of a population of nearly half a million. There are other vaccinations that can be seen as more important, I think.

There are several private vaccination clinics specializing in giving TBE vaccine. One of those who regularly has a bus at a shopping center in Norrköping is the Vaccinkliniken from Nyköping.

– We know that it is a great pressure in Norrköping. Even for us, the vaccines are getting up and down, but we'll get back in just a few days, "said Harald Zetterquist, intensive care physician and partner in Vaccinkliniken.

The vaccine clinic has secured its deliveries and Harald Zetterquist is well aware that There is criticism that the vaccination clinics have been foreseen and bought in much of the vaccine that has been available.

– For us, vaccinations are being made and our core business is being made (the essence of the editorial remarks). The health centers are difficult to put a lot of focus on vaccinations because you have so many other tasks to do, he says.

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