Serge Norway after the new play about Therese Johaug

Therese Johaug has been in season completely. The 30-year-old Norway has been in & # 39; winning all the time it is based – and one World Tour in the World Cup.

In addition to settling money in the relay, Joha won three gold medals: in a skiath, 10 classical kilometer and then the final finish.

And she did that in a better style.

In the early race, Norwegian introduced and got an incompetent start. He was even able to pay at the speed, select a Norwegian flag and descend it over the finish line, 36.8 seconds before Ingvild Flugstad Östberg and 44 seconds before Frida Karlsson placed third.

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Hanged for 18 months

Johaug was great after that:

– I'm really proud. I succeed in this way, after what I've been in the last few years. It's a true dream.

The Queen Cup's aim is to hang a 18-month double.

As we know, Therese Johaug has indeed proven to block anabolic steroid in the autumn of 2016 and relies on the loss of the World Cup in Lahti two years ago and the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang last year.

Teammate Ragnhild is extremely pleased with the successes of Johaug at this season, and that's the first time after hanging 18 months.

– Everyone could not come back like that after what she had done. He says much about what kind of person she is, says Haga.

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Norway and Germany work together

But some are still dealing with it. Peter Schlickenrieder's German coach was interviewed after the ZDF television channel and explained he had any doubts about Johaug.

– I have to say that Johaug's results are weird. I would make a lie because I said that this is normal. She has a story … it's funny, Schlickenrieder says.

Then, it will repeat the same thing as it stops the reporters in the & # 39; mixed belt, ARD writing.

– For me it's funny. In such circumstances, a person needs to work with the people regularly and the fight against drugs. It is important that this sport is clean.

The case is now leaders in a number of German newspapers.

RIATANACH. The German coach, Peter Schlickenrieder, believes that it is "weird" and "funny" that Therese Johaug has a consequence of his return after hanging a doping.

photo: ZDF.

It becomes more aware of the fact that co-operation exists between national and national laws; Germany and Norway.

– What he says is falling on his own anti-rationality, says Vidar Löfshus to VG, Norwegian National Team Manager.

– Maybe it's coming from a culture where you do not trust people … this is very special. We have a good deal of relationship with Germany and I am very sad with his opinion.

Löfshus Continuation:

– It's amazing that he has not been living here better and more. opposing something like this.

Therese Johaug also has noted the picture by Peter Schlickenrieder.

– Maybe he says so, I stand for what I'm going to do; do and bring me a very good competition with three gold and one money. I'm very, very, very happy, says Johaug to VG.

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