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When the earth is between the sun and the moon, the moon falls into the shadow of the planet. The sun then shines only like a red edge around the earth and it is this light that hits the moon and gives it its blood-red color. Right now, the moon is unusually far away from the earth, and the eclipse of moon became the longest of the century. Under the moon, the planet Mars could be seen, which, on the other hand, is closer to Earth than it has done in fifteen years.

In Norrköping, Gabriele Formentini and her seven-year-old son Galileo Formentini saw the eclipse of darkness.

– It was not easy to see it because it was so bright, but at 22: 40, I and my son could discover it a few degrees above the horizon, writes Gabriele Formentini in a message to the newspaper.

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After looking at the moon, it grew and became more beautiful and more beautiful according to Gabriele. See Galileo Formentini's pictures in the slideshow above.

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