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Sara, 16, suffered from "tampon sickness" – but on class trip

Last year died Sara Manitoski 16, from British Columbia, Canada, during a class trip in Vancouver. According to the report of the authors, the teenager's death is caused by a toxic shock syndrome, or the tampon sickness, as you can call it, according to Daily Mail.

It was in March 2017 that Sara was on a class trip at Hornby Island. When her roommates went to breakfast, she lay in bed and they left. When they came back from breakfast Sara had not moved, even though her alarm rang.

The staff at upper secondary school, student and even healthcare staff performed CPR and nothing happened – the 16-year-old could not be revived. The night before, she had complained to her friends about having menstruation and not feeling good, but despite being in the daytime activities on the class trip, according to Vancouver Sun.

During dinner she had not eaten so much, then gone to the fire and then back to the cottage around ten o'clock in the evening.

According to the report, a strain of staphylococcal bacteria was detected on a tampon on the site, and there were also other symptoms consistent with the tampon disease.

What is Tampon Disease?

The disease state is extremely rare and occurs through a bacterial infection. The bacteria secrete a poison that causes blood pressure to drop rapidly. In turn, it causes the tissue in the body to not get enough oxygen.

It is called tampon disease because the condition toxic shock syndrome often affects people using tampon. Often, the bacterium is yellow staphylococcus which causes the infections. The bacteria are already found between each other and every third person, but in most cases it is completely harmless.

The symptoms are flu-like fever, headache, muscles, throat and cough. But also redness of the skin, red eyes and tongue but also diarrhea and vomiting.

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