Samsung shows up "indestructible" flexible oled screen

For many years now our mobiles have screens protected by glass panels. New generations of Corning Gorilla Glass have made the glass more resistant, but ever-increasing phones that have begun to have rounded edges have made it even dangerous to drop the phone even from low heights without a steady shell and extra protective film on the screen.

Samsung seems to have found a solution to this problem. The company has developed an "indestructible" screen that has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories to provide durability tests for military equipment. It dropped 26 times from 122 centimeters high, exposed to extreme temperatures and dropped even from 183 centimeters.

Samsung Display has posted a small video showing the screen and how it survives a number of hard strokes with a rubber hammer.

What Samsung has done is to replace the glass panel with a new type of plastic panel that is flexible just like the oled panel itself. It makes it much harder than stiff glass.


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