Nvidia offers "Surprises" to Gamescom

The German game fair Gamescom is ongoing five on start 21 August. The fair will be the scene for a lot of game-related news, but it's not just the soft side of the gaming industry that may appear. Nvidia invites people to celebrate gaming in an event the day before the fair opens where visitors can play PC games on "the latest Geforce hardware."

Join us at our GeForce Gaming Celebration!
This event will be filled with awesome new PC games running on the latest GeForce hardware, cool stage presentations, food and drinks, and some spectacular surprises.

In addition to presentations, food and drinks, participants will also be invited to "spectacular surprises." Exactly what these surprises are, and what "the latest Geforce hardware" means is unclear, but the latest rounds of speculation about next-generation Nvidia graphics card claim that the Geforce GTX 1180 flagship will be presented in the evening.

This is well agreed with reports compiled by our friends at SweClockers, indicating that Geforce GTX 1180 will be released by the end of August, with the slightly easier models Geforce GTX 1170 and GTX 1160 hack in heel at the end of September and end of October. In addition to new numbers in the product name, the new cards will be equipped with the faster and more energy efficient GDDR6 memory technology.

If the name of the new graphics card family actually becomes GTX 1100, what the specifications are and if the cards actually appear under Gamescom remains to be seen, but if you stand with the thousands of leaves hanging from the wallet, it might be worth having ice in your stomach for a few weeks.

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