Mona Jansson from Skövde received TBE

Mona himself remembers nothing from that day five years ago, not even exactly when it was.

The only thing she knows is what her daughter recounted: that she himself called the ambulance and then became unconscious. How long she lay in a coma, she does not know, but in total she was in hospital for three months, as Skaraborgs Allehanda first wrote about.

– When I woke up, I was in the hospital. I could not go, I could not do anything. They treated me like a toddler and almost carried me everywhere. But the hospital staff were wonderful, "said Mona.

She tells her brain to be so badly injured that she could not even talk at the beginning.

– A lot of therapy was needed to get back on the thinking and motoring. It was really nice. Such a simple thing as making a pearl necklace did not work. One way you take for granted.

Long way back

She still has some but of the disease, including dizziness and trouble with the legs.

– I'm struggling every day. Since I could not go the muscles in my legs were weakened, but I try to do physical gymnastics everyday and work at home, she says.

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Before the illness, Mona often walked out to nature at home in Skövde, but never thought it could be dangerous.

– I had ticks evenly. Then I had heard about borrelia, but I thought that if I get it, I can only go to the health center, she says, and continues:

– It's good that you have got your eyes right now to be so dangerous . Previously, it was not talked about it.

Vaccine shortage

Last year, record-breaking tbe virus was infected, which GT previously wrote. By 2017, 391 cases of tbe were reported in Sweden, an increase of 62 percent from the year before. Something that, in turn, has led to a vaccine shortage throughout the country, because everyone wants to vaccinate at the same time.

But according to P4 Kronoberg one can now breathe out. Due to the major shortage, the Swedish Medicines Agency is given the opportunity to sell the vaccine in foreign packaging.

– This means that both products available in Sweden can be sold to both children and adults, "says Eva Arlander, Unit Manager for Medicinal Products in Use, to P4 Kronoberg.


Tbe is an inflammation of the brain caused by a virus. The disease is transmitted to people via tick and does not infect personally. There is no treatment for the virus, but it can be prevented by vaccination. After being bullied, you are immune for the rest of your life.


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