Missing the job after the canceled flight: "Disastrous for my workplace"

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25 SAS departures were canceled this past weekend and even more canceled flights await this week. One who is hit is Oliver Berg. Instead of being at his workplace in Stockholm, he is stranded in Skellefteå until tomorrow. "We are balancing on a hairline during holiday times and there is no room for such unnecessary mistakes."

Oliver Berg, Joel Eriksson, Dennis Viklund and Rasmus Pihl had been on a fishing trip in Kaitumälven, but on Sunday evening they had to fly from Skellefteå and

But only a few hours before departure, they received a sms.

– That said the flight was canceled, we will be rebooked and we will wait, "says Joel Eriksson.

Many telephone queues

They contacted SAS Customer Service and after a long telephone queue they were told that the flight did not seem to be canceled, after which they went to Skellefteå airport.

However, the flight was very correct and instead of flying home the capital had to turn back to Skellefteå, enter a hotel and continue to contact the airline – which was not easy.

– No one has heard, we have not received anyone fo at all. We have called several times, but nobody seems to know anything, they are not on customer service either. Of course, they are downhill and it's chaos, but it should not take several days to book the flight, "said Joel Eriksson, continuing.

– Had we done as they had said and waited, we would never have been rebooked. It was deceptively handled by SAS everything.

Enrolled on new flights

During Monday they spent a lot of time in phone queues with SAS and the latest message is that one of them may fly home tonight. The other three are waiting for tomorrow, Tuesday, and will be delayed for two days.

SAS acknowledges bad planning

For Oliver Berg, it means he can not work as planned tomorrow.

– I works as a truck driver on a construction store and this is disastrous for my workplace. They have taken great responsibility in planning the holiday, which SAS does not seem to have done, and I will be on my own now, so now no one can work, which means that customers can not get their goods. We balance on a hairline during holiday times and there is no room for such unnecessary mistakes. I have an understanding boss, but it does not help the customers, "said Oliver Berg.

Do you dare to come home tonight and tomorrow?

– No, definitely not. We have still received zero information from SAS in itself. The only thing we received is a text message and they are working on rebooking. But I have no confidence that it's actually 100 percent sure we'll be home tomorrow, "said Oliver Berg.

In addition to lost income, there are more expenses that concern him.

– Since we were and were unable to fish To find out in another way we have a rental car that we have extended for two days. There are many costs that are uncertain if we get back and which we will probably dispute a lot.

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