Message: Now several municipalities are raising the total fire bans

It was during Monday that the Civil Protection and Preparedness Authority (MSB) withdrawn its call for a total fire ban. According to the earlier assessment, the call would be valid until August 1, TT writes.

The places where the total ban is now lifted is Kalmar, Stockholm, Sörmland, Västmanland, Uppsala and Örebro. It is again allowed to grill on its own plot – if it happens safely.

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However, in the affected places, Not yet allowed to grill in public places or prepared barbecue areas.

MSB: Important to address local information

The total ban still applies to other places around Sweden. Among other things, Blekinge, Dalarna, Jämtland, Gotland, Gävleborg and Halland, where there is no barbecuing in any form, SVT News reports.

"The fire risk forecast differs widely across the country, and gems must also continue to exercise great caution. It is important that the public receives the latest local and regional information on the website of the municipality or county administrative board, "says Britta Ramberg, MSB Operations Manager, in a press release.

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Fires under control

The fall of the weekend was awaited from several directions. Not least in the fire-hardened areas that facilitated extinguishing work. Johan Szymanski, the rescue leader of the fire in Trängslet, announced that they have now entered a post-mortem phase.

– The targeting decision we have taken in addition to keeping the boundaries is to begin the aftermath. It also means that the VMA previously issued expires to apply, he said during a press conference on Sunday.

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