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Men get sicker with stress than women

– It is difficult to determine the reason for this gender difference, but a theory could be the severity of the previous diseases, "says Eleonor Fransson, epidemiologist from the University of Jönköping School of Science.

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Men More Affected by Stress than Women

Although women are overrepresented in burnout statistics, men who have experienced long-term stress and earlier are suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease are much more sensitive to the effects of stress. Women's stress must be long-lasting, but it does not affect them in the same way in the long run.

When we get stressed, the first thing that happens is that the sympathetic nervous system is triggered. It causes stress hormones to be excreted in the body, especially adrenaline. The pulse increases and blood pressure increases, we feel more awake. The brain also reacts and metabolism is affected. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, increases in the blood.

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Follow-up after 14 years show clear results

The findings, which some Swedish researchers are behind, are published in the renowned journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. According to the results, the risk is higher for premature death if one is man and plagued by stress. 100,000 men and women from Sweden, Finland and France, among other things, responded to the question of how they experienced stress. After 14 years, a follow-up was performed and it turned out that men have a 70% increased risk of dying prematurely.


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