Long waiting times for cancer treatment at Sahlgrenska

Getting fast treatment can be crucial for a cancer patient. Exactly how long you can wait for treatment may vary from person to person, depending on the type of cancer you have and how the possibilities for other treatments look.

Increased number of patients

At the radiation treatment department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, it is so good as always long queue for treatment, but during the summer months the waiting time increases further.

– We have too low capacity for radiation treatment in the region. There are more patients who get cancer and the population increases, which increases the need, "said Edvard Abel, healthcare surgeon at the radiation treatment department.

The biggest difficulty is the lack of staff. As the regular staff goes on vacation, the need for temporary staff increases. The problem is that it's hard to find people with the right skills.

– It's technically complicated equipment to handle. It requires relatively long training both to take care of it and to maintain it, "says Edvard Abel.

An Anxious Wait

When cancer treatment is delayed, the risk of the disease spreading in the body increases. At Sahlgrenska University Hospital, one tries to ensure that no one has to wait so long that it affects the patient's chances of survival. But for patients, a long wait can still cause great concern.

– It's not always sure that there's a medical difference if you have to wait two or five weeks. But it is psychologically difficult for the patients. But we also have patients who have been booked in earlier this spring and we want to move on, because it is psychologically difficult for them too, "says Edvard Abel.

How safe can you get treatment on time?

If it is the only treatment that applies, you will get it on time. We still have control over that. But we have planned to buy more machines, and as far as staff are concerned, I think we have seen the worst instigation already.

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