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It looked like sex to the worst rock concert on the sidewalk outside the vaccination center in Skövde. One of the few places it's obviously possible to get TBE vaccine right now.

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– We come from Lidköping, where it's over and in Being too. I read online that they had drop-in here today so why did we go here, says Camilla Persic who is here with the family.

– I'm really here to vaccinate my five-year-old, but be sure to vaccinate myself also. It's a cheap life insurance.

Have you been bitten by any party this year?

– Not yet, but I had one who crawled on me.

Longer in the long queue, Inga and Lisa Törmenen were waiting for a vaccine.

– It's important to vaccinate especially if you are much in the forest as we are. We like to pick both berries and mushrooms. Then you've heard that ticks that carry infection are here too.

– None of us have got any ticks yet, but the dog has had several so we know they exist.

Are you worried?

– Something crazy, I am. You do not want TBE.

– I am a nurse, says Inga Törmenen, and she wants to invite more people to vaccinate.

– I know what serious consequences it can have and can you do something before? do it.

Lack in the whole country

There has been a shortage of TBE vaccines throughout the country and many healthcare facilities are now out of place. According to Pfizer, one of the two manufacturers of TBE vaccine, it will be a short while.

– The preliminary message is that new doses will be given to both children and adults in mid-July, says Pfizer Communications Manager Ulrika Goossens .


Frida Guldbrandsen stood well in the queue and probably was one of those who were sure to get his vaccine gun.

– I came here an hour in advance to get a good spot in the queue . I was looking forward to going here because the vaccine has ended in other places.

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