Kristian Huselius burned very much – he took his intense attention

His first hockey player Kristian Huselius, 40, was injured in an accident at home.

Huselius, who had ten seasons and more than 600 matches in the NHL, should have difficulties with a lattice stove. And that was when he tried to find out how he started to blast.

Kristian Huselius gets great care

It was taken by an ambulance hospital.

– We do not know what happened to the stove. But there has been a fire over Kristian; Poor bad, says Björn's Rockström friend and agent to Aftonbladet.

Huselius receives care in the intensive care department with injuries that are said to be very bad, but they do not. threatening life.

The journal writes that the family wants peace and quiet over time; care.

Kristian Huselius has a great history

Kristian Huselius played four World Cups with Three Crowns and won three bronze.

He became a Swedish concert twice with Färjestad and won Guldhjälmen as a leading player in 2001. In addition to Färjestad, he also represented Frölunda, Linköping and AIK in the " a special series.

He also played 662 matches in the NHL and made 451 points.

Kristian Huselius finished his career as a 34-year-old in 2013.

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