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Kenneth Gärdestad is dead – became 69 years old

Kenneth Gärdestad, 69, is dead.

He died on Saturday morning after having been in hospital since Grammisgalan.

– The past six months has gone wrong. But he had a wonderful last half and that was what caused him to fight further, says son Christofer, 35.

Kenneth Gärdestad, big brother of the artist Ted Gärdestads, has been ill for skin cancer and country lymphoma for several years. 19659004] For less than a month, February 12 this year, Kenneth Gärdestad received the honors prize at Grammisgala. It was initially unclear if he could attend, but he participated in the gal and held a moving speech from the scene.

– As you notice, I am quite untrue too, so it was with my last powers I could not take me here, said He.

It was a great moment for Kenneth Gärdestad.

Later in the evening he was taken to hospital. Then it was found that he was also affected by flu.

He could never leave the hospital and on Saturday he died of flu and pneumonia in combination with his general condition after the cancer.

– He started to feel bad before the Grammis distribution, but that was something he would love to go on Christofer Gärdestad.

– But after that, at night, he became acutely ill and had to enter an ambulance. Since 1965, he has been in hospital.

The family has been at Kenneth Gärdestad's side in the last days.

– There has always been someone in the family and greeted every day, says Christofer.

– But he was weak and half conscious at the end.

Kenneth Gärdestad was open to cancer.

While deteriorating in the last half of the year, it also became a wonderful time, according to the son Christofer.

This summer Kenneth Gerdestad himself almost did not think he would experience the premiere of the film about his little brother, "Ted – For Love."

But on December 18th he was in place at the Galapremier at Rigoletto in Stockholm.

– This is something I've been waiting for. It has been a long but pleasant process, he said just before.

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