Kate Winslet accuses Hollywood of homophobia


In an interview with The Sunday Times, she says that she has a hard time counting all the young actors she knows who are terrified that their sexual orientation will become known and that they will thus have a harder time getting “straight” roles.

According to Winslet, discrimination begins at the beginning of their careers when they are told by their agents that openness can damage their future prospects.

In the interview, the “Titanic” star gets also the question of her own participation in the reality-based film “Ammonite”, which had its Swedish premiere in March and which depicts the relationship between paleontologist Mary Anning and the rich man’s wife Charlotte, and she defends herself against claims that she – as a heterosexual – could potentially “steal” it the role of someone else.

“I know that role was never offered to anyone else and with my participation in the film, I had an opportunity to bring an LGBTQ story into people’s living rooms,” she told The Sunday Times.

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