Justin Timberlake on Friends July 31, 2018 – Review Per Magnusson

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"It's … bading hot," says Justin Timberlake at the Friends Arena.

Tonight Justin Timberlake played at Friends Arena in Stockholm. The entertainment magazine's reviewer Per Magnusson was in place. Here is his score at the concert song for song. Review comes shortly.

"Man of the woods" is not just the "Walden" romance. The slim pulse in "Filthy" reminds you of the acid house. On stage, the tremendous band The Tennessee Kids donates a large-scale rockgung. The concert begins with a message.

Midnight summer jam
Justin Timberlake instantly goes for a forest trip to the small scene in the middle of the crowd and meets the shockwarming wave with a midnight summer jam among the trees.

Back to the Future, Part 1.

And Part 2. In the mid-00th, this music sounded like the future . Today, it sounds more nutritious in the near future. The crowd of Friends greets the hite with a unison whistle.

Man of the woods
You can hear the gospel singer Candi Staton make a nice cover on this.

Higher higher
The Neptunes and Timbaland are behind most productions on "Man of the Woods". But the old future thinkers are now browsing back in dusty vinylbacks. "Higher higher" is a glittering 70's spastic.

From the start as a child star in the television show "Mickey Mouse Club" through dancing in the NSYNC boy band, Justin Timberlake found the future soul that would make him a hailed superstar. The solo career started rocket launch in 2002 with the album "Justified". Here is the evening's first taste test from the debut. Smooth r'n'b with Spanish twist and singing.

Suit & tie
Black and white retrofuturistic costume sol from "The 20/20 Experience".

As early as 4th of July, Timberlake released this summer pearl, rarer than anything else on "Woods". Produced by Drake Counselor Nineteen85, it is a return of pop artist Timberlake.

My love
Timberlake forms a beautiful collage of his own voice with a sampler in this song from "Futuresex / Lovesounds".

Cry me a river
Ouf! The Tennesse Kids get into one of Justin Timberlakes most iconic songs …

… and further into this for a staggering, uplifting climax.

Drink you away
The song that paved the way for the new forest direction is 10 minutes long. (Timberlake drinks shots and can not get enough of his new favorite word "rescuer"). I would have liked to be 10 minutes short for me.

Until the end of time
Airy, soft slow jam in acoustic screw, advertised by cute love stories on the monitors.

Dreams / Ex-Factor / Come together / Thank you I'm a country boy
Campaign party. Justin Timberlake, the band and the singers gather around the fire to tear off songs with Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, The Beatles and John Denver.

What goes around … comes around
Justin Timberlake is a formidable fake singer. He shows up in this familiar refrain, with only one acoustic guitar for help.

Say something
In addition to the old paired horses Timbaland and Neptunes, Timberlake is collaborating with the country boy Chris Stapleton. The strongest song on the new album is a duet with him. "Say something" blossoms slowly into sweet gospel.

Erotic lush adult chick raises the temperature of already sweaty Friends.

Summer love
A self-adhesive syntax and a JT in its esse high-fivar front row.

Rock your body
Timberlake can not fail in this modern classic, performed on a small dancegirl in the middle of the crowd with the most expensive tickets.

In the text, Timberlake promises to be a savior after the fall of humanity, because he is equipped with original supplies such as wood, light and a generator. The music? Stylish staircase of confused daddy.

Like I love you
Who does not get lucky of some early acoustic 00s-r'n'b with synchronized dance?

Can not stop the feeling
Justin Timberlake, Max Martin, Shellback. Dance, dance, dance.

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