I investigate the risk factors for type 1 diabetes

– What's special about this study is that we include machine learning, ie AI, to better involve interaction between risk factors, saying Aidin RawshaniPh.D. Ph.D. at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, and author corresponding to the article in the Circulation magazine.

The study is based on Recorded information on 32 611 people with Type 1 diabetes. They were followed for an average of just over ten years, and on average the disease was 18 years. Along with the traditional statistical process, AI, computers that expanded their self-learning were able to use premature premature death and cardiovascular events.

When investigating the importance of 17 factors was dangerous, five were found largely: long-term blood sugar, abnormal blackness, how long & # 39; What was the type 1 diabetes, sistolic blood pressure and how often & # 39; is bad cholesterol.

It was also found that there could be lower levels than the current national regulations for the three items; In long-term blood sugar, sistolic blood pressure and poor cholesterol are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Another search In the study, high urine levels of protein in the urine, albuminuria, were associated with two to four times greater exposure to product risk. Along with the long-term blood sugar, it's only albuminuria the ones that hate; We can clearly predict the results that have been examined.

According to machine learning models, it is believed to have long-term blood sugar to & # 39; contribute to the development of other cardiovascular risk factors. In addition, researchers suggest a clear interaction impact between factors that can not be affected (age and time of disease) and those that can affect (long-term blood sugar, shistolic blood pressure, poor cholesterol and protein in the fountain).

The research team behind The study has shown that there is a lower risk of heart attack and stroke on people with type 1 diabetes capable of controlling a number of dangerous factors, but there is still a greater risk of death before time and heart failure.

In the current study, the most important researchers for cardiovascular diseases and deaths appear to be the traditional and susceptible to risk factors. patient group, except age.

"There should be a greater clinical focus for these risk factors that cause the greatest risk at risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease," said Aidin Rawshani.

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