Hundreds in complaint to Josefin Nilsson

Singer Ainbusk Josefin Nilsson died suddenly three years ago after many years of struggle.

More recently, the SVT documentary has been rolled out to her life.

A number of people – in addition to the public and recognizable images – have been shown unhappy with social media about what appears in the documentary.

On Saturday, hundreds of people showed support to Josefin Nilsson in a spectacular light show, focusing on human violence against women.

Josefin Nilsson.


After the light is picked, the man's employer has written that one of them is refusing threats and breakdowns. In their writing role:

Because the man appeared yesterday (employer's name, Edit), We want to confirm that (employer's name, note. Note) refusing all sorts of violence and violence. (Name of employer, edit.) Observe working sensitively and avoiding harassment. We will not consider individual staff on an individual basis or on other channels.

LEVEL THIS: Josefin Nilsson is angry

Her sweetheart was forsaken by her

The documentary explores how Josefin Nilsson was visually and physically entertained by her love in the 1990s. At the district court, the individual was sentenced to three months in prison for assault, continued illegal threats, damage and the ordering of the order. At the Appeal Court the decision was reduced, and the person eventually got a contractual sentence.

The sister says that Josefin Nilsson "kicked and battered against all his body that never cured".

Another brother tells us that he saw his ghosts and that he was frightened when he heard how the previous one had sent a telephone call.

Friday, Josefin Nilsson would turn 50, the same day the documentary was distributed.

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