Huawei presents new on August 31st

At the turn of the month August-September, the IFA Fair in Berlin starts, and it usually involves a lot of mobile-related launches. Sony has announced that they hold a press conference on August 30, and now Huawei also announces that they will have a keynote at the fair.

Their presentation is only 45 minutes long, and Huawei is not usually good at getting short so we should not count on a whole pallet of news. The most likely thing is to present its new mobile chip Kirin 980 in the same way as Kirin 970 showed at the fair last year.

There have been a lot of rumors around Kirin 980, and the expectations have been built on Huawei this time will actually rise before Qualcomm in performance. This is due to the use of a 7 nanometer manufacturing process where Snapdragon 845 uses the rougher 10 nanometer process. It has also been spoken that Huawei would have developed its own graphics processor, but the assessors' views differ. So far, Huawei has, in contrast to Samsung and Qualcomm, relied mainly on Arm's standard designs for its processor cores and graphics processors.

Huawei has recently registered the three-timed brands in Europe, and it appears likely that these will also appear at the fair , although you may not be talking about them in their keynote. The launch of its next top model, Mate 20, on IFA appears less likely.

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