Hope to eradicate hepatitis C – News (Ecotype)

In Sweden today there are about 40,000 people who bear or have the disease, according to Stockholm County Council. In 2014, new drugs were then expensive and were only offered to the most ill patients. But today costs have been pushed by agreements between the state, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies – and subsidies now apply to all patients.

– Many describe the treatment as revolutionary – it's so simple, easy to tolerate and cures over 95 percent, says Gerd Lärfars, Chairman of the Stockholm County Medicines Committee.

– This is a great progress for patients with this chronic disease, she adds.

A major challenge remains to map and find all patients with hepatitis C, both those with symptoms of the disease and those who are carriers but symptom-free.

In Sweden, infection is usually spread between drug users.

– For patients with hepatitis C and ongoing abuse, it is very important with more efforts than just drugs to succeed in treatment, so that you reduce the risk of spreading infection or that For example, it is infected with unclean syringes, "said Gerd Lärfars.

This may be for example social interventions that look at the patient's overall situation, according to her.

As the generic versions of Drugs continue to fall in price, they can also be made available to countries where the disease is more common and the financial resources are worse.

– WHO's new recommendation is that everyone infected with hepatitis C who is twelve years of age or older should be treated with the new medications. It is about 70 million people, says WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a video announcement.

WHO takes note of the Saturday's disease through the World Heath Day.


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