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Heavy forest fire north of Istrum extinguished

At 11 o'clock on Tuesday, the civil service received an alarm that it burned north of Istrum.

– It is burning in the woods. When we got there, it was 150 x 200 meters, Christian Velander, stabs firefighter on social protection, said the middle of Skaraborg.

The area of ​​fire should have been 30,000 square meters, or three hectares large. Three forces from the rescue service were called the place to fight the fire.

– We are trying to surround the fire right now, to control it, says Christian Velander at 12 th.

– It is a powerful fire and it spreads say fast, that's what I can see in the incident report, Tomas Vänerfors commented on the police in Lidköping at 12:45.

According to the newspaper's reporter Jonna Andersson, who was in place, there were four different fire trucks and one on-the-spot car.

– It takes a bit here and sometimes, and flares up, but then they are extinguishing, says Jonna Andersson, and continues:

– It's very smoky.


Both civil protection and private individuals collaborated to extinguish the fire.

– Accommodation nearby has also come here with water, spades and shovels, says Jonna Andersson.

It is estimated that there is no risk of spreading more. At 19 o'clock on Tuesday, the rescue service announced that the fire was extinguished, but it still was smoking. You will therefore stay during the night until Wednesday to make sure the fire does not blow up again.

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