Gorilla Glass 6 will provide more durable, smarter mobile phones

In the past six months, smartphone development has come from the fact that all phones look similar to the fact that all phones really look the same, as almost all manufacturers are investing on glass backs.

Therefore, perhaps the most welcome news with Cornings Gorilla Glass 6 has not become even more resistant to the glass, but it is also possible to etch patterns and images in it.

Cornings Gorilla Glass has over the years become dominant in making mobile screens more durable and the company's recipes have been continually improved by years. The news in Gorilla glass 6 compared with the previous version five is that you have a closer look at the glass's long-term durability. In the past, it has been suggested that the screen glass should withstand a bang without cracking, but it does not mean that the shock does not cause changes in the glass that make it more fragile next time the accident is over. Gorilla Glass 6 is now able to withstand 15 cases against a hard surface from one meter height, which is just over twice as good as Gorilla Glass 5.

However, we can not expect the glass to handle without scratches. There is often a contradiction between these characteristics, just think of plastic, which can be made unbreakable but the more letter. Corning does not mention any improvements in scratch resistance in this version, and some versions of Gorilla Glass have better scratch resistance than others, which means that some manufacturers have an older version of Gorilla Glass on the camera lens than on the front.

That almost all mobile manufacturers now has Gorilla Glass even on the back of the phone has not passed Corning unnoticed, and therefore the other great news with Gorilla Glass 6 is that you can etch images and patterns directly in the glass, which obviously opens up for greater variety in the design of glass backs on the mobiles . We have previously seen how Oneplus on some of its Oneplus 6 variants matted the glass on the back for a different finish, but here we are talking not only about patterns but also colors and clean images. Corning sells the opportunity to give your phone a personal backside with a photo you upload yourself as a service.

According to Corning, the etching process does not adversely affect the glass's durability, but on the contrary, the texture helps the glass to maintain its durability and makes it even more resistant. 19659002] Gorilla Glass 6 is expected to appear on mobile phones in the next year.

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