Forest in Hjällbo fire | Gothenburg Post

It started burning in a wooded area in Hjällbo during Tuesday night. At the site, 15 firemen worked to pull out hoses and direct water to the surface that burns to extinguish the fire.

– It may take time to extinguish it depends on how deep it goes into the ground, "says Dan Lindqvist at the rescue service of Greater Gothenburg .

By 20:30, the fire had grown from 400 square meters to 100 times 100 meters, but it should be under control and half of the force from the rescue service could have left the site.

– The extinguishing work is going well, you have called the fire and started turning it off now, Dan Lindqvist said.

This is a terrain fire where the grass burns, but there should be no risk of spreading and no buildings in the woods. Robert Nilsson lives on Gold and could see the fire area from the height.

– I see strong smoke evolution. It is a smoker who is over 50 meters with white gray smoke, he said.

At 22:30 the rescue service announced that the fire was now extinguished and the work was completed.

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