Contradictory bidding on battles against cyclists – News –

The extremist group IS took on the deceit on Monday and has supplemented with images of Russian-speaking followers alleged to be related to the attack.

The four cyclists from the United States, the Netherlands and Switzerland were killed when they were hit by a car and later the knife of people who jumped out of the car. The death siege is three men and one woman. Two further cyclists, one Dutch and one Swiss, are taken care of in hospital, one with knife injuries.

Four suspects were shot dead at the police shot with a shotgun following the attack. A fifth customer was arrested.

In a statement, the Interior Minister in Tajikistan said another four suspects were arrested.

The government blames the Islamic party. According to the authorities, a witness has acknowledged that the leader of the attack has been trained in Iran and that the group planned to fly to Afghanistan afterwards.

The Tajik Islamic Party leader, who is in exile, denies interference and says the authorities use the attack for political purposes. Nahdaparti's leader Muhiddin Kabiri, claiming that the government is trying to turn the attention of the real offenders, turns out to be surprised to ignore the attack by the IS.

The ridden cyclists were all rescued. All four death sentences described their cycle trip to Pamir via blogs, writes AFP news agency. For example, the American couple had quit their jobs and were on a "world cycling".

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