Brain disorder linked to alcoholism – can help find medication

Photo: Hasse Holmberg

A disturbed mechanism in the brain can increase the risk of alcoholism, reports Sweden's Radio.

A new Swedish study shows a strong link between brain disorder and alcoholism, reports Sweden's Radio.

The finding can be an important step in the pursuit of a drug against the widespread disease.

Swedish researcher has found a mechanism in the brain that can be strongly linked to alcoholism, reports the science radio.

Low levels of protein in the brain increase the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol, according to the Swedish study, published in the scientific journal Science.

The discovery is considered important in the pursuit of a drug for the disease.

– If the negotiations are locked up and if we manage to get an organization all over, then this could begin to be evaluated on a person for something to a couple of years, says Markus Holy. , Professor of Psychiatry at Linköping University, to the Science Council.

In the study, rats had the choice between two different rewards: sugar and alkoh ol. The rats who chose the alcohol turned out to have a disturbed mechanism in the amygdala, that part of the brain that controls emotions. The researchers found the same disturbance in the brain of deceased people who have been addicted to alcohol.

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