Blood moon attracted in Sweden and Europe

Seklet's longest eclipse lured curiously to glance at the sky during the evening. But in some ways it was cloudy for the unusuality. And instagrammare and others say that such celestial phenomena are difficult to capture nicely.

The show has been seen in Sweden, Europe and many parts of the world, for Swedish part from 21.15 on Friday night in Malmö, when the moon went up the horizon until the shadow of the earth left the moon at 1.30.
The lucky weather can thus follow the whole process.
However, from several places, in the Mälardal valley, it is reported that clouds have set it for mowed moon watchers.
But in the Malmö district it was clear, and Sydsvenskan's pictures show many curious people who are out on the tension.

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Called Blood Moon

The total lunar eclipse, or the bloodstream as it is also called, has not always been so popular because the red color was long considered a warning of horrible events. But now we know that the phenomenon arises when the earth ends up between the moon and the sun and the moon enters the earth's shadow. On the moon, on the other hand, there is an eclipse of sunshine, where the sun's shine is visible as a red edge around the earth and it is this red light that color the moon red.
– If you manage to dig in the moonrise, it's really nice. It looks dramatic, the moon looks extra large near the horizon, "said Robert Cumming, editor of the Popular Astronomy magazine, and also working on Onsala Space Observatory.

Mars as a bonus

Since the moon is unusually far from the earth right now , it looks a little smaller than it usually takes, and it takes longer to pass through the shadow of the earth, which makes the eclipse of darkness unusually long. The longest in this century even. But not enough.
– When the eclipse is in progress, if you see it far enough down the country, you will be able to notice a very bright star under the moon, "says Robert Cumming.

It is the planet Mars, which is closer to Earth than in 15 years at the moment, and looks both larger and shines significantly stronger than usual.
– In some parts of Sweden, it may look even redder because of the fiery smoke, but it may also be a little harder to see in the north, "says Robert Cumming.
The disadvantage is that the moon is low in the sky the farther north you come, so the phenomenon is seen better further south of the country. In addition, the bright summer night makes the blood color not look so strong in the north.

And, as some may even remember from sun eclipses, good photo equipment is required to make the sky phenomena fair in image. To capture a nice sky body with the mobile camera is almost condemned.

Photo: Fredrik Persson

Graphics of the Moon Eclipse.

Facts: Coming heavenly phenomena

On August 11th, there will be partial solar eclipse in northern Sweden.

The meteorically-regarded Persians appear best 9-15 August.

Next total eclipse of darkness appears in Sweden on January 21, 2019.

The next total solar eclipse is seen from Chile and Argentina on July 2, 2019.

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