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Tonight the moon falls into the shadow of the earth, there will be total lunar eclipse. But the moon will not be black.

– First, it will enter some kind of partial shadow called penumbra, and it is barely visible to the eye, because the moon is just a bit less bright, says Daniel Kastinen, PhD student in space physics at Kiruna Institute of Space Physics.

Then the moon will enter the umbran – the real shadow – when one will clearly see a dark circle formed on the moon.

– Then when the whole moon enters the umbran and It becomes a full eclipse, then you should see this red color very clearly, "says Daniel Kastinen.

The phenomenon is called blood moon, and the red color is due to the earth's atmosphere acting as a prism of the sun's rays, explains Daniel Kastinen. 19659006] Blood moon

In Västra Götaland, we will see the moon appear on the horizon when the eclipse is in full bloom, and instead we will see the whole course of events reversed. But there are more advantages to observing the moon from Western Sweden.

– In Gothenburg, you see the eclipse 30 minutes more than you do in Stockholm, says Daniel Kastinen.

The moon will arrive at 21:30 in the southeast. At 23.15 the entire eclipse is over. Daniel Kastinen recommends getting up high if you want to be sure to see the moon.

– The problem is that the moon is so close to the horizon that it is enough that there is a small hill in the road. I recommend that you get up at a high altitude or place somewhere where it is very flat to the southeast.

Mars near

At the same time, the planet Mars is now closer to the ground than it was in 15 years, and can also it is seen as reddish. In addition, the planet will lie just under the moon.

– It's just under the moon, so if you get to a cool photo it can be spectacular.

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