Big difference between the US trillions and Europe’s trillions Mikael Parkvall


DIt is certainly not easy with really large numbers, and it is not made easier by the fact that they are delivered in a foreign language. Swedes usually rightly consider themselves stiff in English, but I would probably have thought that the difference between a foreign billion and a domestic trillion belongs to the basics. You would like to think that it is really familiar to most people, but if you flip through the Swedish press, it is easy to wonder how many journalists, editorial writers and chief economists have apparently missed these very basics.

As an example can It is mentioned that the current pandemic according to TV4 means that the US government plans to borrow “three trillion dollars”. As a reader, it is difficult not to rush into the task. That is half a million times more than the annual government revenue. Not half a million dollar more, but thus half a million times more. In addition to pre-existing borrowing, one would thus be indebted for a longer period of time in the future than humanity has hitherto existed.

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