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5 exciting space adventures – Here are the biggest sights of space

Tired of the usual vacations down here on earth? In the future, it is possible for individuals to travel to space – as a tourist. Here are some of the space's all sights. "It will be exciting to follow the plans for space and private travel."

The race for space tourism is in full swing and in the future it is not impossible for individuals to travel to space. Today, the companies are Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, which are evident when it comes to tourist travel in space. The first trips seem to be both expensive and time consuming, and it's not about a trip to the moon but about a few minutes of weightlessness before the trip back to earth. But who knows what's going on in the future? Perhaps it's usual to go on a weekend to March, or spend a week on the moon? The hotel and travel site momondo has listed some of the sights that can be the tourist's visitor destination in the future.

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In the future it can be possible to travel in space – as a tourist.

– We think like many others that space is an exciting place and now that space tourism is a hot topic, it was fun to explore how the future's reunion piracy might look, "said Carl Sundberg, Swedish spokeswoman at Momondo.

About the tourist trips until the moon is remote, the trips to March and other galaxies are light years away, literally. But it never hurts to dream.

– Some of the sites may be difficult to actually visit physically, but some of the listed sites may. It's exciting to follow the plans for space hotels and private trips, says

Landing Place on the Moon

The space's most historic site is the landing site of Apollo 11 – where the first moon landing occurred in 1969. Since the 70's interest in moon travel has cooled down, Perhaps there is a tourist or two who would like to land on the moon? Those who walk on the moon also leave traces that will not disappear for a long time, when the footprints of the moon last for thousands of years. This then nothing can erase the footsteps, because the moon has neither water, life nor wind.

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The moon is a possible future tourist destination.

Blue sunset

If tourists sometime in the distant future will be able to travel to March, a spectacular sunset is waiting for them. The sunset looks blue because of the small particles of dust in the air. And while tourist trips to March are far in the future, the first people can soon put their feet on March. The project Mars one wants to send teams of two women and two men to the planet.

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Train, bus, flight, or spacecraft. In the future there may be more travel options.

16 sunsets – per day

Traveling to the International Space Station ISS has actually already been completed, the first one already in 2001. It did cost millions of dollars, but it is certainly workable. And if you travel to ISS, you do not miss sunsets, the space station travels almost 16 laps around the world every day. Therefore, at the station they can also see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets. From the station you can also see active volcanoes, storms and northern lights on earth.

Photo: NASA / Unsplash

This way, the view can look out of space.

Universum's largest water reservoir

140 billion more times water than exists in all the ocean of the earth – it contains the world's largest water reservoirs. Two astronauts discovered a quasar, an active galaxy core, named APM 08279 + 5255. In this galaxy core there is a black hole, and around this black hole you find the world's largest water reservoir. Although the quays and the large amount of water are more than 10 billion light years away, you may have to wait a little while booking the trip.

The center of winter street

The earth is in the galaxy, the winter street, and its center consists of a black hole surrounded by cloud clouds. Today, it is hard to witness and investigate the center, but you have seen, among other things, infrared light flashes at the site, probably due to gas entering the black hole. So if you can ever visit the heart of our galaxy, maybe there's something to see.

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