Suspect wounded in a police shooting at a mall in Arlington, Texas


Updated November 26, 2017 at 11:45 p.m. EST

ARLINGTON, Texas – Police say a suspect was shot by an officer at Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas, on Sunday afternoon, reports CBS Dallas / Fort Worth. [19659003] According to police, the incident began as a report of theft in a Sunglbad Hut inside the mall. Security personnel at the mall reported that they were following the suspect who had stolen two pairs of sunglbades.

Two officers at the mall responded initially to the scene. The suspect attempted to flee on foot and ran towards an escalator to go from the lower deck to the upper deck of the shopping center, near the food court. There was one officer on the upper deck and one on the lower deck.

Police say that the suspect removed what appeared to be a replica or replica of a firearm and pointed it at the officer on the lower deck. The officer fired his weapon, hitting the suspect.

The suspect, who police say is just over 20 years old, was taken to a local hospital. A source tells CBS DFW that the suspect is in critical condition.

It is believed that the officer involved is well and there were no other injuries.

Police say that the incident is under control but that people avoid the area. The shopping center is closed and has been evacuated. Mall officials say the mall will be open during business hours on Monday.

According to the police, the officers retrieved the suspect's firearm and said they fired "BB" or pellets.

Imitation / BB imitation weapons have no place in society when used in criminal activities. There is no training that allows officers to distinguish between what is real and what is false in a matter of seconds. We will continue to focus efforts on new legislation.

– Will Johnson (@ArlingtonChief) November 27, 2017

Police posted an additional photo showing the scene during the altercation:

  171126- twitter- arlington-shooting-02.jpg

Another image posted on Twitter shows the suspect pointing an imitation / replica BB gun at the police inside the mall.

Twitter / @ ArlingtonChief

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