Suspect arrested in Phoenix for stealing Batman comics in Florida


Ten days ago, Bleeding Cool reported that the comic book collector and the comic book director of Pedigree Comics, Randy Lawrence from Boca Raton, Florida, $ 1,400,000 of Batman comics were stolen. 439 slabbed comics including Ordinance # 2-8 of 1939

Now we receive news from Arizona's ABC 15 station that police in Phoenix, Arizona, arrested a man from Florida shortly after the robbery, trying to sell four supposedly stolen comic books worth almost $ 100,000. Identified as Phillip Weisbauer (pictured), he allegedly went to a Phoenix comic book store to get a price on the comics in question, valued at around $ 97,000.

He returned two days later to continue negotiating, but the owner called the police who followed him to where he was staying, where they found the four comics, reported as stolen. That would leave 435 of them for a value of $ 1.3 million not accounted for.

Weisbauer has been accused of theft and trafficking of stolen goods.

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