Susan Sarandon says there are more Hollywood predators out there


Actress Susan Sarandon says there are many more Hollywood predators that we have not heard of yet, including one that drugs victims.

The star of "Thelma & Louise" told Confidential that a friend of hers who has been in the news about an abuser disclosed that she was also taken advantage of by another person from Hollywood, but does not have the capacity to recover to reappear .

"Some of the women who have presented have had other men, equally severe and can not go through that again," reported Sarandon. "I know someone who told me about a drug addiction situation and I said, 'Are you coming? Are you going to do something?' And she said she was so exhausted, because this woman already had to present many things … She said: "I just do not have the strength to take a step forward".

"Everyone gave Harvey (Weinstein) a pbad for the longest time and he said:" Well, that's just Harvey ", said Sarandon.

"I'm really furious with the people who allowed, who gave the girls because I know there were agents and managers who did not allow people to go to a hotel room for an interview or went with them," he added.

The mother of three praises the journalist Ronan Farrow, who has written several condemning accounts about Harvey Weinstein for The New Yorker.

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Susan Sarandon co-produced "Bombshell", a documentary about the actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr.

(Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images) [19659010] "He did a thorough and long-term investigation and was rejected when he presented it to NBC for other reasons that we can address or not, and he persisted with this information to take it to somewhere where it finally came out, "he said. "He's the one who joined and continues to listen."

Sarandon, 71, currently promotes "Bombshell", a documentary about the screen siren Hedy Lamarr, who was not only nicknamed "the most beautiful woman in the movie", but also an inventor who helped develop a radio guidance system for allied torpedoes during World War II.

Sarandon born in Queens said that seeing how cruel the Hollywood system was for Lamarr was fascinating.

"I was preparing (to play) Bette Davis (in the FX series" Feud "), who also had similar problems with the studio and faced similar problems as she got older, and it's definitely familiar to me," he laughs

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