SUSAN COLLINS: Trump was supposed to be ‘straight on COVID-19’

Sen Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collinsons Collins: Trump should have been ‘straight on COVID-19’ – Hill of the Morning Report – sponsored by National Industries for sponsors – Trump wants to flip the ‘Rage’ narrative; Deems scrambles COVID-19 bill Senate Republican to draw result from Woodward Bombashell MORE (R-Men) said President TrumpDonald John Trumpsenet Panel Looks for Documents in DHS Whistleblower Complaint Investigation Susan Collins: Trump Should ‘Be More Straightforward’ COVID-19 Longtime House MP To Take More Steps The severity of the threat posed by the coronovirus earlier this year should have been “straightforward” with the American people, after recording that they had ended the epidemic.

“I believe the president should have been straightforward with the American people. The American people can take hard facts, and as president he had an obligation to be upright with her and tell her everything she knows, ”Collins said in a Senate debate in Maine on Friday evening.

The comment comes after recordings of interviews between Trump and veteran journalist Bob Woodward show that Trump wanted to “reduce” the risk of coronovirus in the early months of the epidemic.

In a recording released by Woodward, Trump said, “I wanted to, I always wanted to play it. I still like to play it, because I don’t want to cause panic.”

“It goes through the air,” Trump said in another part of the interview. “It’s always tougher than touch. You don’t have to touch things. Okay? But air, you just breathe in the air and how it’s passed. And so it’s very difficult. It’s very delicate. . It’s a very delicate one. ” Even more deadly is your flamboyant floss. ”

Woodward’s remarks came at a time when Trump was publicly comparing the coronovirus to the annual flu, suggesting that the epidemic would simply disappear.

Trump later admitted that he knew more about the threat from coronovirus in February and March, suggesting that they were trying to stop the “panic”.

Trump said this week, “The fact is that I am hailing for this country. I love my country.” “I don’t want to intimidate people. I don’t want to create panic, as you say, and of course I’m not going to make this country or the world go into a frenzy.”

The president has caught significant shock over his response to coronovirus to a handful of Democrats and Republicans, saying he had not taken enough action to blunt the spread of the epidemic.

“I have said from the beginning that the president’s performance has been uneven and he should follow the advice of his outstanding medical advisors,” Collins said on Friday.