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Survey: The majority of the Republican Party says that the closure is "shameful for the country".

A majority of Republicans in a new poll say the partial closure of the government is "shameful for the country."

The new NPR / Ipsos survey reports that three quarters of all respondents believe that the ongoing closure is "embarrassing".

As the close approaches the end of its third week, it is now tied for the longest time in US history. UU

Nearly 70 percent of respondents in the survey said the closure will harm the country and the economy. The same part of the respondents said that Congress should approve a bill to reopen the government now, while only 30 percent believe that the government should remain closed until there is funding for a border wall.

President trumpDonald John TrumpAnalyst says that Trump's base will support him if he supports the demand for wall funds. The writer of the "Green Paper" apologizes for the Islamophobic tweet: "I'll do better" The survey considers that Trump's approval rating is 44 percent in the middle of a closure has demanded more than $ 5 billion for a wall on the US border. UU and Mexico and has said that it will not sign a financing law unless the money is included.

The Democrats, who now have a majority in the House, do not seem willing to appease Trump's demand.

Trump delivered his first prime-time speech at the Oval Office on Tuesday night on the subject, although only 10 percent of respondents said he approached the country at the conclusion of the closure.

Almost 40 percent said they had not seen the address. Only 38 percent believe that the situation on the border is a "crisis," as Trump repeatedly did during his speech.

Approximately two-thirds of respondents who identified themselves as Republicans said Trump's speech helped convince them that there is a need for a border fence and that there is a crisis.

The president has said he will move to declare a national emergency on the border if talks with the Democrats fail to move forward.

The survey consists of 1,003 adults and was conducted online by Ipsos from 9 to 10 January. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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