Surprise video: Massachusetts man wakes up to bear nap from pool: ‘So startled’

It sounds like a shaking dream, but a camera captured it all on video.

A Massachusetts man was taking a nap on the side of his pool by a black bear on Saturday.

Don Bette’s ring camera recorded the video of the bear quietly passing through her backyard as her husband Matt slept in a lounge chair. The bear dips his snout in the water before sniffing his way towards the sleeping man.

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The video shows the bear touching Matt Bette’s leg with his claw and exiting. When he gets up and sits on his seat, the bear is frightened and runs away.

“Matt was just so shocked, picked up his phone with a nice picture,” Don Bate wrote on Facebook.

The nap man was oblivious until he nudged his leg. (Don Bette via Facebook)

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When she holds up her phone the bear turns to Matt Bate again, the video shows.

Don Bette wrote, “He wasn’t sure how he should react, but he knew he couldn’t get up so fast but at least there was another chair and table between them.” “Fortunately, it went out soon after the encounter.”

According to Mass Audubon, the black bear population in Massachusetts is increasing.

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According to the wildlife group, eat many different foods including berries, nuts, fruits, insects, frogs, snakes and fish. Bear weight can grow up to 500 pounds.

Black Ods also eat garbage, and they may be attracted to areas populated by humans by garbage, bird feeders, and outdoor pet food, noted Mas Audubon.

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