Surging Yankees do something for the first time in franchising history


A week ago, the New York Yankees lost their fifth straight game, meaning they had dropped 15 of 20 and sat at 500 despite a 16–6 start to the 2020 season. First baseman Luke Voight said something about how he doesn’t scare anyone and it just doesn’t feel like Yankees baseball.

Was that a wakeup call? The Yankees won their seventh consecutive game on Wednesday night. They have slowly started bringing back their big bats and are sure to look like ol ‘Bronx Bombers again. In particular, he has seen these parts in the last two nights. They won 20–6 on Tuesday and 13–2 on Wednesday.

On the “Bombers” part of the moniker, he participated six times on Tuesday and seven times on Wednesday. It was the first time in franchise history that the Yankees scored at least six home runs in consecutive games. It is not exactly a franchise known for its small ball.

Wyatt participated in both games, including twice on Tuesday. It was actually his second two-homer game in the current winning streak and he leads the majors with 19 homers (in only 45 games!). Here are shots of Voit on Wednesday, positively one of the highest home runs you’ve seen.

However, on Wednesday, star Kyle Higashoka had a catch. He batted first, three times in his career.

He already had only seven career homers, though he also played two-homer once before. Not three, however, consider it a career night.

The big-picture, Yankee now has Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, while DJ LeMahoe again hits like an MVP candidate and Wyatt scores a big win in home runs. Things are going well for the playoffs right now. They still locate the Rays, but this is a three-game shortfall and the Rays have lost five of their last eight. Of course, there were no head-to-head matches and the Yankees were outscored 2-8 against them this year. Finally, when it comes to playoff seeding, they could incur huge costs.

Nevertheless, the Bronx Bombers return and this is bad news for anyone.