Surfers killed by sharks on a beach protected by a net

Officials said that in a shark attack on Tuesday, a shark attacked the tourist strip of the Gold Coast city of Australia. The man, aged 50, was brought ashore by fellow surfers and lifeguards on Greenmount Beach, popular with the Leg Injury, according to AP. Paramedics determined he was already dead on the beach, said William Houghton, supervisor of the Queensland State Ambulance Service. The state government said the death was only the second fatal shark attack out of 85 beaches in Queensland, protected by shark traps and drum lines. The last fatal shark attack occurred on Gold Coast beach, 24 of which are now netted.

Shark nets are suspended from swimming and run parallel to the beaches. They are 210 feet long and 10 feet deep, and can swim under shark nets and under their ends. No immediate details about the shark were available. A government inquiry in 2017 found that Queensland shark nets cause more harm than good. The Senate committee said the Nets give the beach a false sense of security by entangling and killing protected marine species, including whales and turtles. Australia’s last fatal shark attack took place on 4 July north of the Gold Coast near Fraser Island. A 36-year-old spear fisherman died 36 hours after being bitten on one leg. (In another incident, a husband attacked his wife on a shark.


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