Supreme Court rejects challenge to Planned Parenthood funding

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a request for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers in South Carolina to reinstate their blockade on Medicaid funding, a move that could indicate the court’s conservative majority are selective about abortion cases Maybe because a new member is expected to join its ranks soon. .

The case is the first major reproduction right the court has considered since the death of Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg last month, and its rejection was announced on the second day of Senate hearings for President Donald Trump’s nominee Amy Connie Barrett. Both sides of the abortion debate are closely watching how aggressive court conservatives will be to withdraw abortion access with Barrett on track for confirmation later this month.

The case is included in a 2018 executive order by the South Carolina government’s Henry McMaster concerning Medicaid, a low-income health insurance program, non-abortion from regular health care providers, non-abortion care abortions. Planned Parenthood sued to block the Republican governor’s order, and two lower federal courts agreed that the policy violated the rights of Medicaid enrols from any qualified provider they care for. Want to The state appealed to the Supreme Court earlier this year, arguing that it should have the authority to determine which providers are “eligible” to treat Medica patients.

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